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A sustainable and green flooring solution.

Cork flooring comes in many styles, sizes and colours and is available in both tiles and planks. The base product has a natural elasticity which when combined with its near-impermeability, makes it the perfect material for making bottle stoppers, insulation sheets, and bulletin boards. This also makes it an ideal flooring solution, providing a comfortable cushion underfoot. It is also a natural acoustic and thermal insulator, meaning it helps to keep your rooms quiet and warm.

Cork is a renewable resource due to the method of harvesting the outer bark which leaves the tree unharmed. Made with the outer bark of the Quercus Suber oak tree, which grows mainly in the Mediterranean region. The bark is a vegetal tissue composed of an agglomeration of cells filled with a gaseous mixture similar to air and lined with alternating layers of cellulose and suberin. Because of its remarkable qualities, cork is used in high-tech applications including car engines, dam mechanisms and airport runways. The aeronautics has used cork as a thermal insulator in space shuttles. Today, it is a valuable resource for Portugal, representing one of the countries most important and valuable expored products.

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